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Give Your Fire Some ZIP!

Lighting Fires with Excellence for Over 80 Years.

Since 1936, ZIP® has been at the forefront of fire lighting, igniting a legacy of excellence. Our journey began with the invention of the kerosene firelighter, setting ablaze a tradition of innovation and reliability. With our roots deep in Ireland, ZIP® has expanded its product range to include natural firelighters, summer charcoal, and winter fuels, all designed to meet evolving consumer demands and trends.

No.1 Ignition Brand

ZIP® proudly holds the No.1 ignition brand status in four countries: UK, Ireland, Belgium, and Canada. Our reputation is built on a range of innovative products that cater to diverse ignition needs

Unparalleled Performance and Quality

ZIP® stands as the epitome of high-performance and quality. Our products are designed to light your indoor or outdoor fires and BBQ’s with unparalleled efficacy, ensuring your fire starts first time, every time.

Our Range of Products;
  • Firelighters: ZIP® firelighters are formulated for optimal performance. Our range includes block, wrapped, liquid, and 100% natural firelighters – the most powerful and fastest lighting in the market.
  • Firelogs & Fuels Convenience meets efficiency with ZIP® firelogs, designed for quick ignition and long lasting. Whether for open fires or closed stoves, our firelogs deliver superior performance. Our fuels are made using the very best sustainable materials whilst the low moisture allows for easy lighting and cleaner burning.
  • Natural Charcoal and Instant Light Disposable Trays: ZIP® Natural Charcoal and Instant Light trays are made from carefully selected hardwoods, ensuring flavourful and succulent barbecued food.
Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is embedded in ZIP®’s future plans. Our 5-year Sustainability Plan focuses on initiatives ranging from reducing paper use to installing energy-efficient equipment. We aim to be carbon neutral at our factory in Castlebellingham, Ireland by 2030, with a strong commitment to reducing packaging, prioritizing sustainable materials, and supporting responsible grilling.

Marketing Excellence

ZIP® supports its markets with a comprehensive range of consumer marketing & advertising strategies. From traditional media like TV, radio, and out-of-home advertising to digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and SEO, we ensure ZIP® is known and accessible to all.

Continuing the Legacy

As we advance into the future, ZIP® remains committed to innovation, sustainability, and excellence. Our dedication to crafting exceptional fuels and firelighters continues to evolve, ensuring that your fire lighting experience is always extraordinary.

Why not Give your fire some ZIP®!

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